Wooden World Map – PALISANDER


CHARM. If you’re looking for a piece of interior element that will really stand out, then a carefully selected piece of Palisander wood is the right choice. Having a piece of valuable Palisander decoration at home or in office for sure will add to the overall style and feel. Exceptional and unique tree rings of exotic wood creates a stunning surface of the world map.

Handcrafted wooden world map made from Palisander with engraved country borders. Palisander wood can vary in color from a darker chocolate brown to a lighter purplish or reddish brown, with darker contrasting streaks.

  • Detailed country boarders according to 2018.
  • Detailed shape of continents and islands.
  • 26 islands for standart size 192x94cm.
  • Continents are made as single whole details (Eurasia or N.America are not divided into seperate details).
  • 100% NATURAL WOOD – surface is made from selected A class Palisander veneer.
  • Base – highest quality plywood.
  • Natural (not oiled) surface .
  • 30 wooden PINS to mark the places.
  • THICKNESS : 10 mm
  • SIZE: [ 192 x 94 cm ] , [ 150 x 73 cm ] , [ 100 x 50 cm ].  Individual sizes available.

ALL IS PACKED – you do not need to have hot glue or drill.

You will easily attach the wooden world map to the wall using our special double sided adhesive points. As a result of hanging system a free 5 mm space between wall and map creates an impressive 3D dimensional effect. A real size paper template with a detailed installation description will help you to place the map on the wall fast and easy. You do not need to have a drill or other instruments, just a sticky tape to hang temporarily a  paper template.

Production time –  2-5 business days

Orders are shipped by UPS and take 4-5 business days for delivery in Europe and 6-7 business days for other continents.

If you need to receive a map as soon as possible, please contact us by email info@mapitstudio.com and we will provide you the fastest available deadline.

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