1.  The goods at the expense (rates are displayed below) of the Buyer are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer at the time of registration or in the order form.
  2.  The goods are delivered at the Buyer’s address within 1-3 weeks. The delivery time depends on production busyness. Our Studio indicates the delivery date before the invoice is sent.
  3. An additional fee might bee applied if, when delivering the parcel, the Courier is waiting for more than 15 minutes because of the Buyer’s (recipient’s) fault. The Buyer unconditionally undertakes to compensate these costs.
  4. Goods are delivered on weekdays from Monday to Friday.
  5. Goods will be delivered to a specific address (home or workplace). The Buyer’s responsibility is to indicate the exact name, address, zip code and phone number. In addition, please specify the time interval in which you wish to receive the delivery.
  6. If goods at the delivery address are transferred to any other person it must be indicated in additional information field of order form.
  7. Upon the delivery the Buyer together with the Courier, who had delivered the goods, must check the parcel’s condition, product range, quality and quantity. Noticing the damage in the appearance of the parcel and the product, discrepancies in the range of goods or a shortfall, the Buyer must mark it in the delivery confirmation, given by the Courier (invoice, bill of lading or equivalent document) and together with the Courier to write and sign the free-form parcel or goods irregularities / discrepancies act. If the Buyer has not completed all of the steps in the presence of the Courier, the Buyer has no right to make claims against the Seller because of the external appearance of items or parcel, the range of products or quantity discrepancies. 
  8. If the Buyer signs the delivery confirmation (invoice, bill of lading or equivalent document) without comment, it is assumed that the goods have been delivered undamaged in an intact packaging; the quantity and quality of goods correspond.
  9. Delivery rates are:
Latvia 8,65 EUR
Estonia 12,52 EUR
Poland 29,10 EUR
Austria, Slovakia 30,55 EUR
Germany, Belgium, Holland 36,36 EUR
Denmark 25,47 EUR
Czech Republic, Luxembourg 37,33 EUR
Sweden 35,27 EUR
Finland 32,73 EUR
Great Britain 38,54 EUR
France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal (except Islands) 45,31 EUR
Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Malta 41,68 EUR
Croatia, Islands of Spain, Cyprus 70,97 EUR
Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine 51,73 EUR
Switzerland, Turkey 65,64 EUR
Norway 73,27 EUR
Russia 70,97 EUR
San Marino 45,44 EUR
Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia 62,50 EUR
Liechtenstein 70,97 EUR